What Value will Scott Sizemore Provide the Yankees?

It was a guarantee Brian Roberts would go down with an injury at some point this year, and it was a pretty safe assumption to think the same of Mark Teixeira. For these reasons, the Yankees signed 29 year-old Scott Sizemore to a minor-league deal as an insurance policy for their unstable infield. Stephen Drew, for the second time in the last week, has been ruled out as a possibility (which is a whole separate thing). The Yankees are left with Scott Sizemore.

Sizemore hit .249 in 110 games three seasons ago with both the Athletics and Tigers, sporting a .741 OPS. After a couple of ACL tears, that's really all we're left with to make an assessment on Sizemore; that, and his .344/.436/.500 slash line in 10 AAA games this season.

A lot is made of his .221 BA against righties over his career, though his Line Drive% (19%) hovers right around league average against RHP. It's just something to consider, that he's still capable of hitting the ball hard off of those types. He's a guy who can play 2B and 3B, so he should get some consistent action with Roberts and Cervelli out. Interestingly, he's a .303 hitter with runners on and he's .312 with them in scoring position, so at least he gets hits when it counts.

That aside, it's anyone's guess what in the world Joe Girardi is going to call him. It can't really be 'Sizey,' because...no. I threw around 'Sizer' and 'Sizum' in my head, and...those aren't very satisfactory either.

So I'm just going to call him Scotty 2 Hotty, who is a former WWE wrestler. I just think this is an awesome nickname which I am totally going to steal.

Here's how I'll attempt to get away with it: Scott Sizemore's best month is June, where he hits .293. Also, he fields grounders, and worms live in the ground. Scotty 2 Hotty does the worm. Scott Sizemore last played in Oakland, where it is hot(ty). That's also around where Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty's longtime tag-team partner, is from.

Look. It's a decent nickname, that's all I say. I'm open to suggestions, though.

Sizemore can hit with runners on, and while he's better against lefties, he's not incapable of producing against righties. He's not the most ideal option, but he'll work.