Swift Recap: Yankees 3, Cubs 0

Here's what you need to know about today's game at Yankee Stadium: Masahiro Tanaka was resplendent.

  • His final line was 8 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 10 K.
  • He threw 107 pitches, 76 of them were for strikes.
  • With those 10 strikeouts (6 swinging, 4 looking), Tanaka now has the most strikeouts ever by a Yankee pitcher in his first three games (28). Al Leiter, who was broadcasting along with Michael Kay today, was the previous record holder.
  • The two hits he gave up were bunt singles - one which was reviewed and overturned after Junior Lake was originally called out - and Tanaka was making everyone look silly with his slider (to righties) and his splitter (to lefties).

And here's the winner of Stacey's fan of the day (this is probably a one time thing so congratulations to his very resourceful man):


The Yankees got their runs off a Carlos Beltran solo shot in the first, a Dean Anna sac fly in the fourth which scored Brian McCann on a very close play at the plate and a really odd play in the fifth where Jacoby Ellsbury "grounded out" on a catcher's interference and Brett Gardner, who was on third, was awarded home plate. Apparently it's Rule 6.08.

This is the kind of game the Yankees wanted/needed from Tanaka, especially on a day with a doubleheader scheduled. His performance saved the bullpen for tonight's game. Shawn Kelley picked up his fourth save of the year. Then again, Big Mike Pineda is scheduled to pitch and if he does as well as he did in his last start, the bullpen may not really be needed tonight either.