The Girardi name game

If you have not read this article by Daniel Barbarisi this morning, it is well worth a look. The article is all about how Joe Girardi gives all his players nicknames. You will want to read it just to figure out why Dean Anna is called, "Raccoon." The article received a lot of traction in our staff e-mails this morning and I decided to play this Girardi name game for our staff generals and soldiers. Here is what I came up with. Some of them are not real original, but then again, some of Girardi's are either. "Jeets," is rather bland is it not? Therefore Stacey Gotsulias simply becomes, "Gots." Without further ado, here are the rest of our staff in Girardi form:

  • Jason Rosenberg = "Skip."  I'd call him, "Rosie," but I like writing here.
  • Larry Koestler = "Coast."
  • Moshe Mandel = "Mosh."
  • Brien Jackson = "Jackie."
  • We'll just call Michael Eder, "E."
  • Tamar Chalker = "Tam."
  • E.J. Fagan already has one in, "EJ."
  • Brad Vietrogoski = "Veet."
  • Domenic Lanza = "Major," as in Major Domo.
  • Joe Ferraiola = "Fur."
  • Susan Lulgjuraj is already, "Sooz."
  • We have three Matts so the first one (Bove) is, "Bover."
  • Matt Seybold = "C."
  • Matt Imbrogno = "Imbee."
  • You haven't met "Deuce," yet, but you will.
  • And I guess I would be, "Bilbo," since I have furry feet and eat six times a day.

But what about our regular readers. I hesitate here because I don't want to offend or leave anyone out. But since we are playing Girardi, why not include a few of you.

  • Professor Longnose = "Knows."
  • chrisN = "Christen."
  • not Montero's dad = "Nottie."
  • roadrider = "roid."
  • Frank = "Frankie."
  • I don't think you can improve on Derpy.
  • Mean Mr. Mustard = "Meanie."
  • philc49 = "Philcee."
  • mikefoxtrot = "Foxy."
  • Hawaii Dave = "Hula."
  • yankeerudy = "Rudy."
  • uyf1950 = "Huey."

I know I am forgetting way too many of you. So join in the party and create your own or fill in others I missed. Maybe we should do Yankee beat writers too. Bryan Hoch could be, "Hochy." Anyway, I'm sorry the game is rained out tonight, but as always, we're glad you stop by often and read our stuff. And Happy Tax Day. Ugh. I had to go and ruin it...