Off Day Open Thread: 4/14/14

Happy Monday, everyone. So how are you all feeling? Are your quads, hamstrings, backs, fingers and groins okay? Well, the same can't be said for the Yankees who were like a walking MASH unit this past weekend. I guess the good fortune with regards to injuries has ended in a spectacular way. Yikes.

Francisco Cervelli is more than likely going on the DL after pulling his hamstring in last night's game and I'm sure with the way things have gone lately, the rest of the team will be joining him soon.

Luckily today is an off-day so the less 'battered and bruised' players who aren't going on the DL can rest and prepare for tomorrow's game against the Cubs.

We figured we'd make an open thread for you this afternoon so you can discuss the injuries, who you think the Yankees should get to play first base, this past weekend's series, and other various subjects.

Today's flashback video is from the 2000 ALCS when today's birthday boy David Justice hit a booming home run against the Mariners:

I remember screaming as loud as Michael Kay in my house when this happened. Ah, the good old days...

Enjoy your day!