Sunday Afternoon Open Thread: 4/13/14

Can I be honest with everyone? We're all friends, right? I can tell you something and you won't make fun of me. Okay, so I didn't realize today's game was a Sunday Night ESPN Game. I mean, I should have because it's Yankees-Red Sox and when do the good people over at ESPN ever turn down an opportunity to show "the biggest rivalry in sports" in primetime? (It's rare) So because we don't have an afternoon game to watch, I figured I'd put up an afternoon open thread where we can discuss whatever you would like to gab about. Could be other baseball games, could be The Masters, could be Tax Day - it's two days away so I hope you did yours! Could be our latest It's About The Yankees, Stupid podcast which was recorded yesterday afternoon, etc.

Or maybe you can discuss the following masterpiece. It seems Jeff Francoeur was pranked for a month by his Triple A El Paso teammates and it is a doozy.

Here's the video. It's amazing: