Some Fun With Numbers, Colors and Heat Maps

Last week, we took a look at the Yankees' hit chart after their first two games with Houston and it wasn't too pretty. It had hardly any extra base hits and there weren't any home runs. But look at it now! hit-chart (6)

Take a gander at all of those pretty colors. Sure, some of the numbers aren't as high as we would like but it's still only the second week of the season. There's plenty of time to make that chart a colorful rainbow of fruit flavors.

Here are some stats from this young season that will more than likely change by next month:

  • Kelly Johnson leads the team with two home runs.
  • Brett Gardner leads the team with 10 strikeouts.
  • Brian Roberts leads the team with seven walks.
  • The Yankees' triple slash line so far is .271/.346/.392 so the slugging percentage could be higher and it more than likely will be once the weather gets warmer and guys hit their stride.
  • Who is leading the team in slugging percentage? Johnson with a .680.
  • Who is right behind him? Yangervis Solarte, of course, with a .643.
  • Who owns the lowest slugging percentage (regulars only)? Brian McCann with a .152 (That's according ESPN Stats and Info's numbers)

So just how bad has McCann's 2014 campaign started? Take a look at these heat maps:

strike-zone (1)

strike-zone (2)

And here is his hit chart:

hit-chart (7)

Brad wrote extensively about McCann's adventures at the plate this morning. If you missed it, click here. He went into great detail about what I noticed about McCann at the game on Monday - his lack of selectivity. Maybe McCann's trying to do too much and letting the whole, "I'm a Yankee now and I need to do something big" thing get to him or he's trying to avoid pulling the ball as much as he usually does. Maybe by next week at this time, McCann's stats and heat maps will look a whole lot different.

I, for one, can't wait to find out.

[Charts, heat maps and numbers courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info]