A-Rod's Not Here So Please Shut Up About Him, Thanks

It is very early in the 2014 baseball season but there are already some things that are slightly irritating. So let's go through some of them, shall we?

  1. Criticizing Derek Jeter for not running hard out of the box on Monday when he hit his double. Look, I was there, we all thought it was going out and it was the first time in 20 years that Jeter dogged it, slightly, out of the box so let's not make a federal case out of it, okay? Do you hear that Bill Madden?
  2. Kelly Johnson hit a home run when yesterday's game was already out of reach which prompted Daniel Barbarisi of the Wall Street Journal to tweet: "Kelly Johnson, brought in to be A-Rod's replacement, shows he knows how to homer in garbage time like the man he's replacing. Now 14-5 O's." This prompted a bunch of Twitter users to respond with real stats about A-Rod's 654 career home runs and guess what? Most of them weren't hit during 'garbage time.'
  3. And this brings up another thing: Alex Rodriguez is not here and he won't be here all season so please shut up about him. I know some writers are upset that they don't have anything or anyone controversial to write about which is probably why so many of them focused on Jeter's "gaffe" on Monday but there are so many good things to focus on right now like Yangervis Solarte. That's a nice story right now. Focus on that!
  4. Acting like every game is life or death. Guys, it's April 9 and while I realize every game counts, a lot of teams are starting off slowly (Hello Boston Red Sox anyone?) so it's still too early to panic and we have not seen what the Yankees are capable off yet. Like I said above, I was at the home opener and there were a few balls hit by Yankees including Solarte and Brian McCann that would have been home runs in June so while, yes, you can be annoyed at a loss, especially one like yesterday's, don't declare the season to be over already.
  5. The constant complaining about the "Jeter Farewell Tour." So far, only Houston has honored him and he's not really saying much about it so what the heck is everyone's problem? Is it because he's the second Yankee in a row to have a farewell tour? You didn't hear this much bitching when Chipper Jones was getting ugly paintings from the Mets. Shush already.

And now, some cool things about this season:

  1. The aforementioned Solarte. It's a nice surprise to see him doing this well and while he won't keep up this torrid pace, I think he has the chance to be a productive player for the Yankees this season.
  2. I wasn't completely sold on Jacoby Ellsbury when the Yankees signed him this offseason but I am loving his game so far. I like his hitting, his defense and his running game. He's a lot of fun to watch.
  3. I am happy that Dellin Betances is doing well so far and I hope he keeps it up. If he can keep his mechanics in check, he has a chance to be the set up man for David Robertson.
  4. I really like Masahiro Tanaka. I like his game, love his splitter and he seems to have a funny and sarcastic personality like Ichiro.

So what's irritating you about this season so far? Feel free to leave your "complaints" in the comments and please tip your waitress.