Quick hit: Peavy changes tune

As I was reading through some Yankee links this morning, I found this blurb from the Daily News website, thought it was cool and wanted to pass it along in case you missed it.

Dave Robertson has been the Yankees’ closer for three days, but he’s already earned some respect from a member of his team’s biggest rival.


Jake Peavy, who, like Robertson, is an Alabama native, used Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” as his warmup music — the same song Robertson uses as he comes in from the bullpen.


Friday, Peavy replaced the track with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s “Badlands,” a nod to the Yankees closer’s choice of song.


“Songs are a bigger deal for closers and now that he’s closing, I made a switch,” Peavy told the Boston Globe. “I don’t know David that well, but everybody says he’s a good guy and we’re in the same division.”

So I have a few questions:

  1. When did people start calling David Robertson "Dave" and should we be doing this? Is it a thing now?
  2. Is "Sweet Home Alabama" the official song of Alabama?
  3. Is anyone else reminded of being drunk in their 20's when listening to both "Badlands" and "Sweet Home Alabama?" Just me? Okay

All kidding aside, that's a nice thing that Peavy did for D-Rob. I know baseball players tend to be superstitious and like to stick to their routines so for him to make that change for a division rival makes him pretty righteous in my book. Well, at least until he pitches against the Yankees.

And speaking of warm up music, I like to ask this all the time but I'm doing it again: If you were a Major League Baseball player, what would your walk up/warm up music be? Leave your choices in the comments.