Game Three: Yankees at Astros 4/3/14

supernova71013 Dear Ivan Nova,

Tonight isn't exactly a "must win" game, it's way too early for that, but it is most definitely a "should win" game. Now, with how stagnant the offense has been the past two games, we're going to need for you to be pretty damn good. Like, so good that you pitch a shutout. Well, we also need the bullpen to help you out with that too. But do you think you can go out there and pitch like, oh I don't know, seven or eight shutout innings? It would be really great if you could.

Thanks big guy.

So, yes, the pitching matchup is Nova vs. Brett Oberholtzer. Hopefully the Yankees can figure out how to hit this guy or this game thread will be 100+ comments of doom and despair.

Here are your lineups:

YANKEES Gardner CF Jeter SS Beltran DH Teixeira 1B Soriano LF Cervelli C Roberts 2B Suzuki RF Solarte 3B

ASTROS Fowler CF Grossman LF Castro C Altuve 2B Carter DH Krauss 1B Dominguez 3B Presley RF Villar SS

Milestone update: Derek Jeter is coming into tonight's game with 3,317 career hits which is good for ninth place on MLB's all-time list. He is two behind Hall of Famer Paul Molitor who is obviously in eighth place because eight is ahead of nine, duh. And if Jeter were to tie or pull ahead of Mr. Molitor, it would also put him in fourth place on the all-time American League hit list.