Quick hit: Teixeira's New Normal

After last night's game, Mark Teixeira spoke with reporters about his surgically repaired wrist. Judging from his performance in Houston yesterday, 2 for 3 with two singles, a walk and an RBI, it would seem that everything is okay but Teixeira was cautious, saying that his wrist will never be normal. He added he "fully expect(s) to have a long, healthy season and hopefully a productive season, obviously." Teixeira had a slow Spring Training and hitting coach Kevin Long noticed that he was letting go of his bat, mid-swing while batting left handed. Long realized that Teixeira was probably doing it subconsciously to protect the wrist. Once Long pointed it out, things changed for Teixeira.

Now, before you start screaming at me about small sample sizes, I do realize it's only one-game but seeing Teixeira swinging harder and getting hits - especially to the opposite field, intentional or not - is a good sign and hopefully, he will stay healthy in 2014.