Does Colorado want Dexter Fowler back? Astros 3, Yankees 1

Dexter single-handedly beat the New York Yankees on Wednesday night. He hit a lead off home run in the first inning, then, the speedy center fielder scored again in the third after hitting a triple. It may have seemed the Yankees starting pitcher was in trouble again, but Fowler was the only player to do any damage against Yankees starter Hiroki Kuroda. The Yankees had a chance in the eighth when Carlos Beltran led off with a double. However, Houston reliever Matt Albers sent down the next three batters by striking them out. After 10 team strikeouts and leaving eight runners on base, Yankees didn't seem to have the offensive energy to win this one.

The Good Stuff

- The Brians had nice nights: McCann went 2-for-4 and Roberts 3-for-4 (edited for correction).

- Kuroda had a solid first outing. He gave just three hits (two from Fowler) and two runs through six innings.

- Jacoby Ellsbury got on base with a walk and showed off his speed with a steal of second base.

The Not So Good Stuff 

- Fowler! :shakes fist:

- Mark Teixeira made an uncharacteristic error at first, but a year off can do that.

- Yankee went 0-for-10 with runners in scoring position.

- David Phelps went wrong. After giving up a home run in the seventh, he walked two batters in the eighth.

- Alfonso Soriano and Jacoby Ellsbury are still looking for their first hits of the season.


- Did you know it was Derek Jeter’s last season? Jokes aside, Jeter is getting a farewell tour in the way that Mariano Rivera and Chipper Jones received in their last seasons. With Houston being the first stop, the Astros got to set the bar in gifts for The Captain. Houston gave Jeter pinstriped No. 2 cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and new set of golf clubs.

And, yes, this will probably happen at every time Jeter makes a stop at stadium for the final time.

- WFAN broadcaster Suzyn Waldman mentioned the “Elsbury trader” sign on the radio broadcast. Although, John Sterling and Waldman thought the sign was real, I have a feeling it was a massive troll.

It’s the second game of the year and the Yankees took another loss. While the world might feel like it’s coming apart, it's only the first couple games of the season. That’s not an excuse, it is just what seems to happen to this group.

In 2009, Yankees lost their first two games. In 1998, New York lost its first three, and four out of the five. No, I am not saying they are going to win the World Series this year, and I know this is not the same team. Just adding context to a bad first two games, and that it doesn’t mean the season is over.