Yankees Opening Day Trivia

While we wait impatiently for the season to really start, I figured we could play a little game of trivia concerning Yankee Opening Days through the years. You are on your honor system for not cheating (All you B-R searchers) and the answers will be posted tomorrow: Ten Years Ago

  • In the 2004 opener, the Yankees played the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in Tokyo, Japan. Who was the only Japanese player to play in the game? An easy one to start with, right?
  • Which Yankee pitcher was the Opening Day starter and lost?
  • What former Yankee player went three for three for the Devil Rays including a double and homer?

Twenty Years Ago

  • 1994 was the year that ended with shame, wasting a great Yankee team that could have xhgone far in the post season. On Opening Day of that season, what Yankee pitcher--who would end up with a winning percentage over .800 for the season--got the win?
  • What Yankee pitcher got the save?
  • What Yankee batter hit four singles in the game?

Thirty Years Ago

  • The Yankees opened the 1984 season in Kansas City and only ten-thousand fans showed up to watch. The Yankees lost, 4-2. What current manager was the winning pitcher for the Royals?
  • Both managers were former Yankees. Who were they?
  • Both first basemen for the Royals and Yankees made an error in the game. Who were they?

Forty Years Ago

  • The 1974 Yankees started the season with how many wins in a row?
  • Who was the Yankee manager?
  • What Yankee pitcher pitched a complete game victory?
  • What Yankee hit the first homer of the season?

Fifty Years Ago

  • The Yankees did not start their season that year until April 16! They lost to the Red Sox, 4-3 at home. How many innings did Whitey Ford pitching in a losing effort?
  • The Red Sox' second baseman and lead-off batter had the same last name as a pitcher who beat the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS, forty years later. What was his last name?
  • Three players in the game had presidential last names. I already gave you one.What were their names? Hint: One was the last name of another player on the 2004 Red Sox team.

Sixty  Years Ago

  • The 1954 Yankees opened the season in Washington to play the Senators and lost the opener. Just one question: What 38-year-old Hall of Fame Player pinch ran in the game for ESthe Yankees?