Random Thoughts Post: 3/27/14

Mood music "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John Good morning, my fellow Yankee fans.

Can you believe it? Winter is finally over (at least according to the calendars) and we're just five days away from real baseball! I couldn't be happier if I was twins.

Much like my cohort Brad, I have the same exact problem he complained about this morning: Nothing to write about. The next few days will have some important baseball news - like final roster moves - but those days are still going to be slightly tortuous as we wait for the games that count to begin. So without further delay I present a random thoughts post.

  • The one good thing about Spring Training is that it's six weeks long and it gets the guys ready for the season.
  • The bad thing about Spring Training is that it's six weeks long and makes us feel like it's the longest six weeks of our lives.
  • And making it even more strange for Yankees fans is knowing that when this season finally gets underway, we're going to be watching Derek Jeter's swan song.
  • Forget about all of the big name players the Yankees signed and all of the money they spent this offseason, the biggest story will be Jeter's last stand.
  • How odd will it be for all of us to see him as the lone survivor of the late 90's - early 00's dynasty?
  • And how strange will it be for Yankee fans at the Stadium to not hear "Enter Sandman" when the Yankees' closer enters the game?
  • I'm a little annoyed that the Yankees are opening and closing on the road this season.
  • And closing in Boston? Come on, MLB.
  • I'm attending Opening Day at the Stadium for the first time since 2011. I know that doesn't seem like a long break for most people but I had attended the previous 13 Opening Days leading up to 2012 when I missed out on tickets.
  • I'm one of those people who loves streaks of all kinds and when my Opening Day streak ended I was extremely angry. I wanted to be the 75-year-old lady the news crews find that exclaims proudly into the camera, "This is my 50th Opening Day in a row!"
  • Now that can't happen unless I live to be 90.
  • I was toying with the idea of doing a season-long tribute of sorts to the Don Mattingly-Dave Winfield batting title race of 1984. Can you believe it's been 30 years? Where does the time go?
  • If you think that could be cool, let me know in the comments.
  • I'm so happy Michael Pineda is doing well and hope it continues well into the season.
  • I love that every pitcher's last name in the starting rotation ends in 'a."
  • The A-Team? We have to come up with a good nickname.
  • I still can't believe Robinson Cano is on the Mariners.
  • I'll be saying this all season so bare bear with me.
  • Can Mother Nature get her act together? It's almost April and it's 27 degrees out right now. That is unacceptable.
  • I miss A-Rod.
  • John Ryan Murphy not J.R. Murphy.
  • Did you see the suit jackets Johnny Gomes ordered for the Red Sox players for their visit to the White House on April 1? They're basically flags shaped into a jacket. They're hideous but it's just like Gomes to do something like that. "We're so cool! We're so loose!" Whatever.
  • Speaking of people who are too cool for school: Joe Maddon. I may be getting a new pair of glasses that look a lot like his. I'm waffling back and forth because do I want to look like an aging hipster?
  • So the Yankees are opening in Houston after ending last season in Houston. Let's hope they can pick up where they left off even though most of the team is different.
  • I still can't believe Andy Pettitte pitched a complete game in the last start of his career.
  • Does this mean Derek Jeter will go 5-5 for a home run in his last game?
  • CC Sabathia's weight loss is still slightly jarring. It's like looking at a different person.
  • Hey CC, can we please improve on the 4.78 ERA? That was pretty awful and depressing to watch. If you could knock off a whole run from that number, it would be ideal. Thanks.
  • I'm still annoyed about Papa John's being the official "pizza" of Yankee Stadium. Yes, I put the word pizza in quotes.
  • We're down to the wire.
  • Only 5 more days.
  • Hooray!