The Yankees are no-hit in Panama

So the Yankees were no-hit in Panama on the night they were honoring Mariano Rivera. Yeeeeeah.

Good thing it's Spring Training and the game doesn't count in any way in the standings. Although with the way people are reacting you would have thought this happened in the playoffs.

Calm down, everyone.

Anyway, yeah, the Marlins won 5-0, the Yankees' bats apparently didn't make it through customs and people are flipping out.

Some highlights:

  • Adam Warren struck out 6 over 4 1/3 innings of work.
  • Um. Hmmmm.
  • Oh, Mo threw out the ceremonial first pitch, obviously, because they were honoring him tonight and David Robertson was the one selected to catch. I'm sure the symbolism does not escape anyone, yes?

The two teams play again tomorrow. How much do you want to bet the first Yankee up gets a hit? Actually, let's not bet anything because I'm broke.