Some Sunday news, links and notes

On this last Sunday with no baseball to watch, here are a few notes and some news about the Yankees: Mark Feinsand has video of Michael Pineda throwing batting practice.

Feinsand also provides us a handy-dandy Spring Training television schedule you can print and put on your fridge.

Vidal Nuno will start the first Spring Training game against FSU on Tuesday. Nuno is one of many candidates for the fifth spot in the Yankees' rotation. Heisman Trophy winner, Jameis Winston is being touted as the starter for the Seminoles.

Pinstripe Alley has the scoop on a 17-year-old Colombian right-handed pitcher the Yankees just signed.

Scott Sizemore has been spotted at camp with Cano's old uniform number (24).

Bald Vinny is quoting ticket prices on Twitter. He's ready!

Elston Howard was born on this date in 1929.

Buster Olney really nails the BBWAA today on his piece (ESPN Insider account needed). The money quote (h/t Jason):

"The Hall of Fame already includes players who used performance-enhancing drugs, had police records, drank enough to be incapacitated in their jobs and openly cheated against rules on the books, and a former commissioner who worked diligently to keep the sport segregated.

But not Barry Bonds"

Or Roger Clemens. You go, Buster!

A Babe Ruth 1923 World Series pocket watch recently sold for big bucks.

Jorge Castillo has an interview with Matt Thornton. Boone Logan approves but did not like the New York lifestyle.

Still no news on Diaz. We will report anything as soon as we hear.

Enjoy your Sunday!