Quick Hit: The Incredible Shrinking Pitcher vs The Rapidly Expanding Ex-Prospect

I know a lot has been said about how skinny CC Sabathia has become but this picture really illustrates just how much weight he's lost and how much his body has changed. The picture is courtesy of the Yankees' twitter account:


Amazing, right?

On the flip side, here's Jesus Montero, who showed up to Mariners' camp 40 lb. overweight:


(Picture courtesy of Dean Rutz/Seattle Times)

Montero, who was embroiled in the Biogenesis mess last season, isn't exactly endearing himself to his current team and I don't think he can justify showing up to training camp so out of shape. Montero admitted that after winter ball ended, "All I did was eat."

Look, I know what it's like to binge eat and it's something I battle nearly everyday but I'm not paid to play baseball and I don't have a team counting on me to be responsible for my health. If Montero doesn't shape up (pun intended), he will be out of a job soon.