Tuesday Night Open Thread: 2/18/14

Good evening! I'm starting off the open thread with the most important news of the day: Cano and Long are fine. Okay? Now can everyone shut up about it and never mention the word hustle again? Thanks so much.

Here are some links for you to peruse and discuss (if you feel like it):

  • Joel Sherman says the Yankees made an offer to Drew early in the offseason and are making a mistake by not going after him now.
  • Derek Jeter's retirement press conference is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 11:30 a.m. and will be shown on the YES Network (and probably MLB Network and possibly ESPN as well because this is a pretty big deal - Sorry fans of other teams who are already complaining about the coverage.)
  • Speaking of Jeter, Brendan Ryan understands that he will probably be booed if he's playing and Jeter isn't. He knows this because he went to see the LA Clippers and Chris Paul wasn't playing.
  • Yu Darvish said Tanaka got too much money then quickly took it back saying, "LOL JK!!"

Other things happening tonight: The Knicks are starting the second half of their miserable 2013-2014 season, the Olympics are still going on and there's a two-hour American Idol special. (I don't watch that show. I actually hate it.)

Remember to be respectful to your fellow IIATMS readers and enjoy your evening.