Quick hit: Do the Hustle

If you thought that Robinson Cano bolting for the Mariners would curb the talk about his not hustling down the line, you were wrong. In a story published yesterday in the New York Daily News, hitting coach Kevin Long brought it up, again, because we hadn't heard about it enough already.

"If somebody told me I was a dog, I'd have to fix that. When you choose not to, you leave yourself open to taking heat, and that's your fault. For whatever reason, Robbie chose not to."

The article wasn't entirely negative, in fact, Long was singing Cano's praises and talking about how hard he worked to get better throughout the years he was with the Yankees. Of course, the one thing everyone is focusing on is the comments about Cano not hustling.

Hey, it seems I'm doing the same thing but there was one positive to Cano not hustling down the line on routine groundouts, no pulled/strained quads or hammies.