Presidents Day Open Thread: 2/17/14

rookiedogpicture (Picture courtesy of Eric Lipsman)

Happy Presidents Day, everyone.

As you can see from the picture above, Rookie, who will one day take over the job of Trenton Thunder batdog from his father Derby, was plum tuckered out after spending all day in the office with team President Eric Lipsman. Say it with me now, "Awwwwwww." That is one cute puppy. Okay, so all puppies are cute but Retrievers are especially cute.

So that's what's happening in Trenton, what's happening in that other place that begins with a "t" and is in a state that is a heck of a lot warmer than New York?

  • Joe Girardi thinks that Michael Pineda is looking better. Pineda threw 35 pitches today and Girardi said, "I thought the ball was coming out easier," He added, "He just looked like it came out free and easy to me. It didn’t look like he put a ton of effort into it, or that he was overthrowing it." Good news! Keep your fingers crossed because Pineda being healthy and pitching well would be a big boost to the rotation.
  • Derek Jeter said something to Brian Roberts that Roberts never forgot.
  • More from Roberts, he wasn't expecting to replace Robinson Cano at second base. He thought he was being signed to back him up. We all thought that, Brian. He said he wants to stay healthy in 2014. We all want that, Brian.
  • Carlos Beltran showed up to camp, took some BP (unofficially because position players don't report until Wednesday) and spoke about the Yankees, championships and how he'd like to finally win one.
  • According to Joe Girardi, the Yankees will determine who the fifth starter will be before setting up the bullpen. "Once we decide who our fifth starter is, we'll evaluate if we think a guy can throw out the bullpen. If he can throw out of the bullpen and help us, then we'll use him."
  • In case you missed it, the Yankees had a raccoon spying on them at Spring Training. The NY Post tweeted it out earlier this afternoon. It's probably the best picture we'll see during training camp. I'm not sure anyone can beat it.
  • Fox Sports decided to provide everyone with some nightmare fuel by putting this video together of Derek Jeter aging in :15 seconds. As a fellow soon-to-be 40-year-old, I find this to be really mean spirited. We don't want to be reminded of what we looked like 20 years ago. We're depressed enough about turning 40 as it is. Jerks.

Feel free to discuss the links I provided, or you could talk about the Olympics, or maybe the weather. Actually, no, don't talk about the weather. We want this to be a happy open thread.

One last thing. Thanks to Twitter, I was reminded that Bernie Williams once walked up to this song:

Enjoy your evening!