Quick hit: There are baseball players in Florida!

It's Pitchers and Catchers day and you know what that means! Locker assignment updates! Just kidding! Unless you actually care about that sort of thing. Well, if you do, Tanaka has Mo's old locker, Ellsbury has Youkilis and Swisher's old locker, Dellin Betances has Joba's old locker right next to a slimmed down CC Sabathia AND last but not least, A-Rod's locker is empty, not assigned to anyone. The official workout isn't until tomorrow but Derek Jeter was taking some batting practice (he hit a homer!) and the new guys were getting acclimated.

Manager Joe Girardi will be addressing the media later on today - his fight was delayed as was GM Brian Cashman's.

We'll have more for you later. Hopefully some pictures and maybe even some video from the only state without snow on the ground.

Speaking of snow, could there be anymore outside right now? It's like living in Siberia.

(All info comes from various twitter accounts)