Tuesday Night Open Thread: 1/28/14

Good evening, So just a little while ago I was looking through the archives of the site because I am having a hell of a time coming up with stuff to write about right now. I thought I'd be inspired by reading old stuff. I happened to stumble upon January 2013 and thought it would be amusing to see what I wrote about on 1/28/13.

Here are the three posts I published a year ago today:

Some exciting stuff there, right?

There isn't a whole lot happening in Yankeeland today. It's kind of quiet now that Tanaka has been signed but here are some Yankee related and non-Yankee related news items for you to read, then discuss in the comments if you'd like:

Oh, and here's one more thing, in case you missed it. Jason and I were interviewed about the site for an article on Capital New York.

As usual, be kind to your fellow IIATMS readers and enjoy!