The IIATMS interview

IIATMSLogoLast week, Stacey and I spoke with fellow writer/blogger/good person Howard Megdal for Capital New York, who was curious to talk about our history and evolution as a blog, from the beginning, to ESPN, to SNY, back to ESPN. My discussion with Howard lasted well over an hour, and I had a blast reliving some of the things that have happened to and at this site since I started it over 6 years ago. Six years in the blogosphere is forever in real life, but it has been an awesome run, a run I have no intention of stopping any time soon. So long as there are hungry, talented, and eager people willing to put their thoughts and opinions out for consumption (a brave feat, trust me), we will be here. It's funny, as I sit here now, it's not about me trying to change careers or anything like that anymore. [I tried that for a split second but it wasn't going to happen.] I've graduated to the parenting side of this, with pleasure. But if I can enable this platform to launch others, so be it. We have had so many excellent contributors to this site over the years, so many people I am proud to call friends, even if we've never really met. Not to mention the legions of readers and commenters who I now seemingly know not even by name, but by style...

It is also funny, given the name of this site, that I've never once done this for the money. It truly has NOT been about the money. It's been about creating a community of baseball fans who want to share thoughts and opinions in a smart discussion, free from the other stuff that goes on at other, larger domains. This intimacy we have developed is pretty cool.

Anyways, enjoy the read. And thanks, as usual.

A special thanks to the immensely talented team currently filling these "pages" with top notch work every day. You have all rekindled my interest in this in a way I'm not sure you realize. It's an honor. And the group emails are the most fun I have in the day (at least until I get to my family at the end of the day).

"I totally want this thing to keep going," Rosenberg said. "I take immense pride in the quality of work that goes out on a daily basis. ... My goal is to be their biggest cheerleader, and get them whatever they need to do the most they can with this little platform.

"If they want to take it, and launch themselves to Fangraphs next, to a major site, great, I'll be their biggest supporter the whole way. That would be the best compliment I could get, that people graduate from me and go elsewhere."