Quick Hits: Prospects, Michael Young, Hughes

  • Jason Parks released Baseball Prospectus' top 101 prospect list today, which included 1 Yankee. Domenic talked to Parks last week about the state of the Yankee farm system in the IIATMS Podcast, and for the most part, I thought his assessment was spot on. Gary Sanchez placed 85th overall on the list, and unlike the MLB.com top 100 list, Mason Williams was completely left out. Williams had a down season, off the field problems, and some injuries, so I doubted that we'd see him on any lists. It doesn't change the fact that Williams has some amazing raw tools, however his swing is still raw, which is a nice way of saying it's still a mess. The only other guys that had a chance at this list were Jose Ramirez, who Parks is high on, and J.R. Murphy, who established himself in 2013 as a top defensive catcher in the upper minor league levels with some good offensive potential for a back stop.
  • There aren't many of you out there, but for those that were hoping the Yankees would land Michael Young for the infield, it looks like he's only weighing a 2014 in retirement or in Los Angeles. He called it a "safe bet" that he would return to the Dodgers if he played in the upcoming season. I'm not so sure that Young offered much more value than Brian Roberts anyway.
  • Phil Hughes has some quotes on leaving New York for Minnesota, and he sounds pretty excited to pitch in a stadium where batters can't hit home runs. He also didn't like it when you booed him in New York.