Guess CC Sabathia's 2014 Record

CC Sabathia This past Saturday, I made a bet with my cousin's boyfriend. I should tell you that he's a Mets fan who loves trashing the Yankees even though his team is nothing to write home about these days - I know, shocking, right? Anyway, he's convinced that the 2014 Yankees are going to be awful, even going so far as predicting only 50 wins and he was gleefully predicting CC Sabathia's continued downfall. I told him that I thought CC could have a rebound year this season and he asked me what I thought CC's record would be this season. I thought about it for a few moments and I said 15-7. He laughed and said he didn't see CC getting more than 14 wins. Wow, 14 wins out of 50 is pretty good, but I digress.

I said to him, "Do you want to bet?"

He answered with a smirk, "Sure, how much?"

I thought about it for a second and said, "$20."

He smiled and we shook on it.

Now, it's only a $20 bet because that's all I can afford at the moment and for me, it's more about pride. I just want to be right and I really don't want the Met fan to be right.

The next day, I took a look at my 2014 Baseball Prospectus Annual which arrived at my doorstep Saturday afternoon, skipped to Sabathia's projections and PECOTA is saying CC will be 14-7. I was actually impressed by how close I was but annoyed that it's only predicting 14 wins. I really don't want that to be right because I'll be out of $20.

So what do you guys think? Leave your Sabathia prediction in the comments. We'll revisit them at the end of the season and see who was right. Maybe by then, I'll think of a prize to give away to the reader with the most accurate prediction or maybe you'll get nothing and like it.