Quick hit: Assistant Coach Rodriguez?

Oh my goodness, I love this story so much. According to the Torrington Register Citizen, The Torrington Titans of the Futures Collegiate Baseball League, a team Stephen Strasburg was a part of during the summer of 2007, have announced that they will be offering an assistant coaching position to A-Rod.

In an obvious publicity stunt, the team said it can pay Rodriguez $5,000 for the summer and a local donut shop called The Donut station will offer Alex free coffee and donuts for the summer. Team Manager Don McNamara envisions Rodriguez as the team's hitting coach and said, “I’ve been in professional baseball for the past six years as a player and a coach. I can teach the players about getting there. A-Rod can show them they way to the big leagues, it’s priceless.”

All joking aside, Rodriguez would actually make a great hitting coach and could probably teach those kids a lot about baseball.