Great moments in Twitterhate #TANAK

tanakaavatarBefore the news of Masahiro Tanaka signing a seven-year/$155MM contract with the Yankees, people were foaming at the mouth to get him. Cubs fans were happy to learn that their team was in the running and Dodgers fans were as well. Fans of other teams were waiting to see the Yankees get passed over because they were assuming the Yankees would be outbid because of Plan 189 or that Tanaka wouldn't choose to play in the Bronx because the team was old. Then, Ken Rosenthal reported the big news just before 10 A.M. Bronx Standard Time, the Yankees had signed Masahiro Tanaka.

The reaction on Twitter was swift: Tanaka suddenly wasn't good enough or worth all the fuss. Well, what happened to his signing being a big deal? Oh, right, it would have been a good signing for anyone else but the big, bad Yankees, right?

So as goof, and at the suggestion of our Supreme Overlord, Jason Rosenberg, I searched "Tanaka Irabu" on Twitter because, you know, some people are lazy and love to hate. Jason quoted the wonderful stand-up philosopher, George Carlin: "Have you ever noticed that their stuff is sh*t and your sh*t is stuff?"

Here are some people hoping that Tanaka will turn into Hideki Irabu 2.0:


Then we have a Mets fan getting in on the action because they're always crying about everything the Yankees do:

Then there's the guy from Cleveland bitching about it even though his team wasn't involved in the bidding at all:

Our friends north of the border are also sitting at the bitter table, drinking bitter drinks and eating bitter food:

Guess he’s still mad about how the Blue Jays still finished dead last in the AL East even after that blockbuster trade with the Marlins. The Yankees were desperate. The Cubs, Dodgers, White Sox and Astros were not:

Spending is terrible but only when the Yankees do it!

This person sees through the B.S:

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