Old Time Family Baseball Blogathon 2014

For the second year in a row, I participated in Michael Clair's Old Time Family Baseball Blogathon, which raises money for Doctors Without Borders. The goal was to raise $4,000 (last year it was $3,000) and the total as of this post is $5,180! During the blogathon, Michael blogs every half hour for 24 hours then turns the site over to a slew of guest writers and while he's catching up on his sleep, their pieces also go up every half an hour. This year there were so many entries, the blogathon was an extra day in duration and ended last evening. Writers from Baseball Prospectus, ESPN, SB Nation, NBC Sports and our own William Tasker participated.

If you want to check out all of the pieces, click here.

My piece, which ran late yesterday afternoon, is called "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" because I could never resist using a song title or lyric when given the chance.



I recently ended a 15-year relationship and like many breakups, it wasn’t mutual and I’m still pretty raw - I have my good moments and my bad moments - but it was the right thing to do for the both of us. The relationship had run its course and honestly, neither of us were getting anything out of it anymore. I was unhappy, I felt like attention wasn’t being paid toward me and I simply had enough.

In the beginning, our relationship couldn’t be any better. I was treated like a queen, spoiled rotten by the gifts showered upon me and I was proud to tell everyone that we were together. In fact, our first decade was pretty amazing. Sure, we had our ups and downs - like all relationships do - but we made it through the tough times and came out even stronger. But as the years went on, things changed and definitely not for the better.

Then, five years ago, things were looking up again. We had moved into a new place and had so many great moments together. It was actually one of the best years of our relationship but it soon soured and instead of giving up like most people would in my position, I thought I could salvage it.

I was wrong.

I could actually see the end coming a few years ago. It just wasn’t fun anymore and we were together more out of obligation than anything else but instead of breaking things off right away, I dragged everything out for as long as humanly possible. Our relationship was on life support for close to three years before I ultimately decided that enough was enough.

It took a few more months for me to work up the courage to break it off but after lots of thought and careful consideration, I finally bit the bullet and I gave up my Yankees season tickets.

And as sad as I am about it, I am also relieved. I will no longer be tied down to a plan that I get no enjoyment out of anymore.

I was lucky and experienced a lot of fun times at both Stadiums thanks to those season tickets: Regular season comebacks, playoff comebacks, walk-offs galore and I even saw a triple play. Sure, it was made by the opposing team and it happened way back in 1999 but it was still very cool to witness.

And I know it usually takes a person a little while to work up the courage to start up a new relationship but I already have my eye on my next prospect. His name is Stubhub and he seems pretty cool.

Okay, fine, if I’m going to be completely honest with all of you, I might as well tell you that I’ve been cheating on the Yankees ticket office with him since the 2009 season and it’s been pretty damn great. Mr. Stubhub may not be as flashy as Mr. Yankees ticket office and he may not dress as snazzy but he’s quick, convenient and I can use him anywhere.