Where Have You Gone, CC Sabathia?


(Picture courtesy of CC's twitter account)

This picture of CC Sabathia and his wife Amber, was making the rounds on Twitter this weekend and the reaction was the same, "Who is this skinny man and what did he do with CC Sabathia?"

Someone close to Sabathia suggested that he lost 40 pounds but he quickly shot those rumors down.

In a piece published this morning on Fox Sports, Ken Rosenthal wrote that he had texted with Sabathia who addressed the weight loss rumors, saying, “I’m actually the same weight as I was last year, just a little more toned and a lot more strong.” Sabathia added, “This is the first offseason I was able to weight-train and get stronger and not worry about weight loss."

And in a bit of good news, Sabathia also said, "I feel great and ready to go. I’ve been throwing all off-season like I used to do before the elbow surgery so my arm feels great.”

I know a lot of people are worried about Sabathia since he's coming off the worst season of his career but maybe having a regular off-season where he isn't worried about rehabbing from a surgery will be a good thing for CC and he'll rebound in 2014.

Oh, and by the way, congratulations to Rickie Weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Sabathia were all dolled up to attend his wedding this past weekend.