Yankees Avoid Arbitration With Gardner, Kelley, Robertson, And Nova

According to Joel Sherman, the Yankees have avoided arbitration with both Brett Gardner and Shawn Kelley. In his last year of arbitration, the outfielder settled for a $5.6 million deal with the team, which was $1.6 million more than projected by MLB Trade Rumors. Kelley received $1.765 million with a $25,000 bonus for appearing in 55 games, or $265,000 more than his projection. If you're trying to keep track of the payroll, this money increases my Wednesday projections by $1.865 million guaranteed. The guaranteed money now sits at $187.283 million, with $10.125 million in potential bonuses for Derek Jeter, Brian Roberts, Hiroki Kuroda, and Kelley.

UPDATE: (1:11 PM) The Yankees and David Robertson have agreed to a $5.215 million deal in his last year of arbitration. This is a difference of $285,000 less than what was projected, bringing the guaranteed money in the payroll to $186.998 million. Only Ivan Nova remains arbitration eligible for 2014, and I'm sure they'll come to an agreement soon.

UPDATE: (2:15 PM) The Yankees and Ivan Nova have agreed to a $3.3 million deal. This is $500,000 more than projected, bringing the payroll back up to $187.498 million. With that, the Yankees have wrapped up all the arbitration eligible players, now they can concentrate on Tanaka.