Why the Dodgers are Ruining Baseball

Baseball's biggest enemy Clayton Kershaw should have worn pinstripes. Perhaps when he finally opts out of the 7 year $215 million deal with the Dodgers at age 30, he'll finally make his way to the Bronx. For now, the Yankees are stuck with the majority of their rotation pieced together by Ivan Nova, David Phelps, Adam Warren, and Michael Pineda. The Yankees are now forced to turn to their farm system, because the Dodgers have ruined baseball.

While this organization fights its way down to a $189 million budget, according to Cot's, the Dodgers' payroll now sits at $231 million for 2014. Their future commitments for the 2015 through 2017 season now fall around $160 million to $170 million, and it's hard to imagine that they won't continue to spend so flamboyantly in the coming years. In fact, some reporters believe that they're not done spending this offseason, as the Dodgers are still connected to the Japanese starter Masahiro Tanaka.

The Dodgers aren't letting any of their homegrown stars leave town, and they're trying to grab all the young talent from Cuba, Japan, and Korea. A team that doesn't have this money to spend, like the Yankees, are left without any opportunities to grab these young players. This is the first reason why the Dodgers are ruining baseball. The Yankees should be allowed to sign anyone, and I'm getting tired of all these extensions. Kershaw should have been a Yankee and this latest extension by the Dodgers shows me everything that is wrong with baseball.

It's pretty clear that the Dodgers are just trying to buy a championship at this point, and that disgusts me. Baseball teams should be built on core players that play the game for the love of the sport, not the contracts that they're given in the winter. Kershaw should have wanted to play for a winning team like the 27 World Series Champion New York Yankees, not the measly 6 time winners in Los Angeles. The last time the Dodgers won the World Series, Kershaw was just 7 months old, so I honestly don't think he remembers that. Kershaw obviously didn't sign that contract because he wants to be a winner, like the 27 World Series Champion New York Yankees, he did it because he wants the money, and that sickens me.

Even players like Yasiel Puig could have been Yankees, and if it wasn't for the Dodgers and their bags of money, maybe the Yankees wouldn't have to spend 7 years and $42 million on a player with no MLB experience. The Dodgers now have Carl CrawfordMatt KempAndre Ethier, and Puig in the same outfield, which brings me to my third point about why the Dodgers are ruining baseball. I honestly believe that Dodger owner Magic Johnson might be a compulsive hoarder, and should be on the hit A&E show Hoarders. When the Yankees needed an outfielder last season, they were forced to turn to Ichiro Suzuki and Vernon Wells, yet the Dodgers are swimming in talented outfielders. I'm afraid that the Dodgers' clubhouse might become a hazardous work environment, as outfielders and starting pitchers will clutter the locker rooms, creating unclear paths to the safety exits. If players can't navigate their way to the Chipotle dinner spreads, they may start to rely on cannibalism, and that's obviously not good for baseball.

Finally, baseball is obviously America's greatest pastime, but I believe that the Dodgers are ruining America. In these tough financial times, people find it hard enough to earn money. Even in the greatest country in the world, some hard working Americans can't find jobs to support their families, yet the Dodgers are throwing money around like animals. They don't understand the value of the dollar, and in the face of the American laborer, they're constantly throwing around $100+ million contracts, while charging baseball fans incomprehensible premiums to attend games. A real American baseball team would understand the value of the dollar, like the New York Yankees, and try to budget themselves like the average American must.

So even with the Dodgers building a super team, I find that I only want to root for the Yankees. Unlike the Dodgers, the Yankees aren't ruining baseball with their deep pockets, they have a budget to conform to.