Monday Night Open Thread 1/13/14

I don't even have to suggest anything to you, do I? You can talk about A-Rod or A-Rod, or even A-Rod. Maybe you could talk about A-Rod and A-Rod. Oh and there's A-Rod along with A-Rod and don't forget about A-Rod.

In all seriousness, you can discuss whatever you want as long as you are respectful to your fellow readers.

Here are some links and info from around the baseball world in case you missed them:

  • Graham Womack penned a story over at Sports on Earth about the fight to save a baseball treasure before it's too late. It tells the tale of Bill Weiss who collected historical material over 70 years.
  • Apparently a Yankee fan decided to be a dink to Matt Harvey on Twitter and instead of ignoring it, Harvey engaged with the dude and this is the result.
  • The Brian Roberts deal was finalized and manager Joe Girardi said he was hoping Roberts would play the whole season at second base. That noise you're hearing right now is my uncontrollable cackling and snorting.
  • Wladimir Balentien, who was over in Japan and won their home run crown last season, was arrested on charges of domestic abuse in Florida.
  • The Cubs have a new mascot, his name is Clark and he's the first mascot the Cubs have had since a live bear (!!!) was brought to Wrigley Field starting in 1916. That stunt actually lasted a couple of seasons. I wonder if they stopped doing that because, oh I don't know, having a live bear at a baseball game isn't a good idea?
  • I'm sorry, I'm still stuck on the whole live bear thing...

And as you all know, you can read our stuff if you'd like.

Other than the Brian Roberts and A-Rod lawsuit updates, it's been quiet today.