A-Rod Sues Both MLB and the Player's Union

Looks like I picked the wrong week to take a Twitter break. It seems while I was relaxing and listening to music, news broke that Alex Rodriguez is suing both Major League Baseball and its Player's Association. The 42-page suit, which was filed earlier today in U.S. District Court, is just the next step in his fight to overturn the unprecedented 162-game ban handed down by arbitrator Frederic Horowitz this past weekend.

From ESPN New York:

The suit seeks to vacate Horowitz's ruling, based on the arbitrator's "manifest disregard for the law,'' his "evident partiality,'' and refusal "to entertain evidence that was pertinent and material to the outcome."

Usually, this sort of suit doesn't go well for the person filing it. Once an arbitrator makes a decision, especially like this one which was agreed upon through collective bargaining, it's binding and cannot be overturned. Rodriguez's attorneys are maintaining that the process is flawed and that Horowitz's decision should be declared invalid.

Another attorney for Rodriguez, Jordan Siev said, "We recognize the standard to overturn an arbitration is a high one. But we think this proceeding was so flawed from beginning to end, including obvious bias from arbitrator Horowitz in favor of MLB, which is put forth in our complaint."