Report: Yanks are still favorite in Tanaka sweepstakes

According to a report out of Japan, your New York Yankees are king of the hill and the top of the heap in the now three team race to land Marashiro Tanaka. The report on Sports Yochi says that Yankees, Angels and Dodgers are the three teams Tanaka is considering but that the Yankees are the frontrunners. My favorite part of the article is when they do a rundown of each team and why they need Tanaka. This is what was said about the Yankees:

 ◆ Yankees retired the Pettit, starter lack of a serious situation Sabathia, starting pitcher standing of the calculation is only Kuroda. Strengthening the batting only successful in the acquisition of successive slugger McCann, Eruzubari, and Bertrand, this off only Tanaka acquired the remaining mission to recapture hegemony.

I am assuming that Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran are Erusubari and Bertrand but everything else they said was spot on. Sabathia was bad last year, Kuroda was strong and stood out from the rest of the rotation and the Yankees did acquire a few good sluggers in McCann, Ellsbury and Beltran.

Tanaka was on a two-day whirlwind tour to visit with a number of MLB teams and now, we wait for his decision.

Hey, Tanak, we need you buddy.