As A-Rod Turns: A decision could be made this weekend

Oh boy! As everyone was battling over Hall of Fame votes, the sanctity of said votes and everything else regarding the Hall of Fame this week, others were wondering when the Alex Rodriguez arbitration hearing decision would be made. Well, wonder no more. Actually, that's not true because there isn't a set date, only one of those "the decision could be made within the next few days" stories.

According to that guy named "People familiar with the case," a decision could be made by Fredric Horowitz this weekend. Then again, maybe not. It could happen next week.

I'd rather them make the decision next week because who conducts business on the weekend anyway? Wouldn't they want to wait until Monday to make the decision, you know, when offices are open?

Is there a point to this post? Not really. It's Friday, I'm bored, saw the story and thought I'd pass it on to you guys. So there it is. Have fun with it.

If there's anything else you'd like to discuss in the comments, feel free to do so. Like, for instance, if you wanted to talk about Mariano Rivera attending the Brooklyn/Miami game tonight at the Barclay's Center, you can. Mo looks good - he was being interviewed on YES while sitting along the baseline - and I got a little misty eyed thinking about the fact that he will not be with this Yankees this season. It's still very strange to think about the Yankees without Mo and Andy Pettitte.

Well, darn it, now I'm depressed.