Back to the future: IIATMS style

Greetings once again, friends. Welcome to 2014, officially, as everyone should be back from time off or a vacation or other method of decompression from the holiday stressors. We here at IIATMS/TYA are proud to be back, ready to roll on yet another year of baseball. We just concluded our best month ever (you guys rule!) and our best year ever (no really, you guys rule!) and are very excited to announce yet another change for this site: Effective immediately, IIATMS is now, once again, the Yankees blog on ESPN's SweetSpot Network!



Way back in the Fall of 2009, when IIATMS was pretty much just me (Tamar had just joined me), I was invited to join ESPN's SSN when Rob Neyer founded the mini-network, just in time to ride that wave to title #27. We were there, adding writers (Brien, William, Larry, etc.), through the end of 2011, when we jumped to SNY.  We merged with TYA in early 2013, increasing our depth of talent and our coverage of all things Yankees baseball. Our relationship with SNY concluded once we flipped the calendar to 2014, and we are thrilled to again be part of the ESPN mothership, this time captained by David Schoenfield.

[A quick moment of thanks to the SNY team (Fred Harner, Matt Cerrone, etc.) for being wonderful partners for us.]

Essentially nothing here will change, because everyone thinks change is scary. You will see some ESPN logo/branding appear where SNY's logo once was. However, content-wise, there will be no changes. The same balanced blend of analytics, research, news and notes, off-beat features and random dives into history that you continue to expect from us.

We are honored that you choose to come here, read, react and comment. Thanks in advance for your continued readership and here's to a fantastic 2014, complete with #28 waiting for us in October!


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