Quick Hits: Marshall, Balfour, Teixeira

The Yankees have lost right-handed pitcher Brett Marshall to waivers. The 23 year old Marshall pitched in 12.0 innings of relief for the Yankees in 2013, and looked extremely hittable. He wasn't much better in the minor leagues, where he struggled with the Rail Riders with a 5.13 ERA and 1.529 WHIP in 25 starts. Despite his awful 2013, Marshall showed promise in previous seasons, but command and hard hits caught up to him in Triple-A. Marshall is still young, and he can figure things out, but he never showed an outstanding ability to locate his pitches or generate strikeouts. More than likely, Marshall succeeded as a contact pitcher due to the pitcher friendly environment in the Yankees' system. In Wrigley Field, with the Cubs, Marshall has a much better shot of succeeding in a large ballpark. It is young pitching depth lost, but Marshall never showed anything other than back of the rotation upside for the Yankees. I mentioned Grant Balfour in my post yesterday, and although he probably won't sign anytime soon, the Yankees are back in the race for him. Balfour, who previous agreed to a deal with the Orioles, finds himself back on the free agent market due to an issue with one of Baltimore's doctors. After a physical, the Orioles retracted their offer after not liking something in his shoulder. But after visiting two other orthopedists, Balfour was deemed healthy. There is probably some reluctance in his market now due to the contract retraction, and the reliever could very well file a grievance against the Orioles.

Bryan Hoch of MLB.com got some quotes from Mark Teixeira, who believe it or not, usually has something some substantial to say. The guy might be dull in the locker room or Twitter, but lately he's said a lot more than the typical nonsense we hear from Derek Jeter. To sum things up, he said that his wrist is close to 100 percent, but he's still dealing with some stiffness, which is expected. He works out his wrist daily and plans to start swinging a bat in January. He'll be ready for opening day. He also added that he's happy with the additions made to the lineup the offseason, but wants more pitching. I agree.