Heyman: Rangers And Choo Agree To 7 Year Deal

According to Jon Heyman, the Rangers and Shin-Soo Choo have agreed to a 7 year deal. No word yet on the money, but it was reported earlier this week that the Yankees offered $140 million over 7 years. After that deal was agreed upon, Scott Boras, Choo's agent, supposedly wanted $3 million more to beat Carl Crawford's contract. It's now too late to sign Shin-Soo Choo, obviously. Unless Boras asks the Rangers for $3 million more, the Yankees will lose out on the walk machine that is Choo. Though the team hardly needs another outfielder, the Yankees could have signed Choo and traded Brett Gardner for a player that fills their needs better, such as the rotation or the infield. Although there are still some viable starters left on the market, the Yankees will have to get creative to figure out third base and second base.

UPDATE: (12:31 PM) The deal is worth $130 million. So if reports are right, Boras lost Choo $10 million by getting greedy with the Yankees. Of course, Texas has a much better tax situation.