Quick hit: Welcome to the baseball side of town, Carlos Beltran!

For the third time in as many weeks, the Yankees held a press conference introducing a new player to the organization. Today it was Carlos Beltran's turn to don the Pinstripe jersey and talk to reporters. While making his introduction, Brian Cashman seemed to take a slight dig at the New York Mets by saying that Beltran was on the baseball side of town. Oops. He also presented Beltran's two young daughters with Yankee bombers. Joe Girardi stepped up and presented Jessica Beltran with a bouquet of flowers and he discussed how excited he was to have another switch hitter in the lineup.

Then it was Beltran's turn.

Once Girardi helped him put on his #36 jersey and Yankee cap, Beltran spoke about how he excited he was to finally be a part of the Yankee organization. He had wanted to be a Yankee for a very long time and even mentioned how could have been a Yankee. He said that during the 2004-2005 offseason, he traveled to Tampa to talk with George Steinbrenner about possible playing in Pinstripes but the money situation couldn't be worked out and the Yankees went with Randy Johnson instead. Later on after the press conference, Cashman said that Bernie Williams was a big reason why the Yankees didn't get Beltran all those years ago which is pretty amusing because Beltran also spoke about how much he admired Bernie Williams growing up. Beltran said he also looked forward to working in the community around Yankee Stadium.

After the formal press conference, Beltran did an interview with Michael Kay and Bob Lorenz. Kay asked him about how he chose #36 and Beltran joked that there weren't a lot of numbers to choose from which elicited a chuckle from both Kay, Lorenz and even Randy Levine who was waiting in the wings to be interviewed by Jack Curry.

I'm looking forward to watching Beltran in the Bronx. I was told by a Mets fan that he is a lot of fun to watch and that we will enjoy him while he's here.