And another one gone: Benoit signs with the Padres

Maybe the Yankees really are sticking to this Plan 189 thing because there were a few closers/relievers on the market who have been snatched up by other teams without any noise from the Yanks. Joe Nathan went to the Tigers earlier this month and this week Grant Balfour signed with Baltimore for two-years/$15M. Now Joaquin Benoit is reportedly signing with the San Diego Padres for two-years/$15.5M. Of course, the other possibility is that the Yankees truly are 'building from within' and will be anointing David Robertson as the 2014 closer. That's not a bad option at all but it would have been nice for the Yankees to at least try to get one of the guys who were signed away this week, especially when you consider the two-year/$15-15.5M price tag for the pair.

Oh well.