Winter Meetings: Day 4 Recap

2013-winter-meetings-largeThat might have been the least interesting Winter Meetings I've ever witnessed. Who was the biggest signing? Bartolo Colon? It just speaks to how depleted the market is after the spending spree the Yankees went on earlier this month. Let's get started on the rumors from the last day in Orlando.

Now for my opinions: I don't think the Yankees will make a move on pitching until Masahiro Tanaka is posted. If they do trade for a pitcher, Jeff Samardzija seems to be the most available. If they trade for a reliever, Jonathan Papelbon is probably the most easily obtainable, and I guess that could open up a bigger trade, since the Phillies just seem generally unhappy with their team. I wouldn't be shocked if they dealt Cole Hamels. As for infielders, the Mariners still need bats and I think Gardner for Nick Franklin makes a ton of sense for both sides, but I'm sure there are a lot of teams that like Franklin right now.

The truth is, trades are so impossible to predict. Nobody thought Michael Pineda would be swapped for Jesus Montero a couple of years ago, and I expect something like this will happen again. So that'll wrap up the Winter Meetings. Now we wait for the cogs to turn and Cashman to make a move.