Some quick thoughts on the Ellsbury presser

Greetings IIATMS readers! In case you missed it, Jacoby Ellsbury was formally introduced as the newest Yankee during a press conference in Yankee Stadium this morning. I was excited for one reason and one reason only... I was finally going to find out what Mr. Ellsbury sounded like. In the seven years that he had been with the Red Sox, I had never heard him speak. Or at least if I had, I didn't remember it. Anyway, he sounded just like I thought he would. He said "um" and "uh" a lot which is fine. Baseball players don't need to be great linguists as long as they produce on the field.

Ellsbury was introduced after Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi both spoke about him. They said the typical, "We're so happy to have him here," stuff and Girardi added this gem which will be quoted all day by various outlets, "You are no longer a thorn in my side you are now a flower in our clubhouse."


Ellsbury was given his new jersey, number 22, in case you were wondering about that. He wore #2 with Boston and obviously wouldn't be asking Derek Jeter to give up his number. He spoke about being happy to be a Yankee. He mentioned the tradition, the winning and the championships. And do you know what else he did? He spoke about his years with Red Sox and was nice about it. See, it is possible to move on to a new team without trashing your former team!

Anyway, it didn't last long and I'm sure you'll see clips of it on ESPN, MLB Network and on local news here in New York.

My takeaways from the press conference:

  • Ellsbury is excited to be a Yankee.
  • Girardi is excited about Ellsbury being a Yankee
  • And when the hell is Spring Training starting again? Get here already.

Happy Friday the 13th!