Some late day news and notes: Home plate collisions banned, Colon to the Mets and more

This happened late in the afternoon, explanation is courtesy of friend of the blog Craig Calcaterra:

Joe Torre and Sandy Alderson just announced that the MLB Rules Committee has voted to outlaw collisions at home plate. The decision is now subject to approval by the players. If the players do not approve the rule change it will not go into effect in 2014, but MLB would be able to unilaterally implement it in 2015. It is expected, however, that the players will approve the change.

Basically, runners have to slide into home and catchers cannot block the plate. Catchers have to allow a path to the plate. I'm on the fence on this one. On one hand, I can see why they want to eliminate the collisions, as we've seen in recent years, some injuries - Buster Posey - have been gruesome. On the other hand, it's going to be odd to see guys crossing the plate seemingly at will.

Another late news item was Bartolo Colon signing a two-year/$20MM deal to pitch for the Mets. It's pending a physical.

The Mariners traded for Logan Morrison and also agreed to a one-year/$5MM deal with Corey Hart.

Hmm, I said I had more but do I? Oh yes! I forgot to post about this earlier but the New York City council voted late yesterday to rename the stretch of River Avenue outside of the Stadium, Rivera Avenue after Mariano Rivera.