New voting criteria proposed for HOF Veterans Committee

Craig over at HBT has a posting up, calling attention to the maddening in-room debate from the HOF Veterans Committee voting. It's absolutely worth a read. You don't need to be as out on the other limb as Stacey's newest crush, Brian Kenny, is, but there's room to stray a bit from Murray Chass-dom. First, from the original article from Bruce Jenkins:

At one point, someone asked if it was necessary to bring WAR, a trendy new stat, into any discussion. There was a bit of mumbling, mostly silence, and it never came up again . . . Whatever. I certainly didn’t feel dated or out of touch hashing out a man’s Hall of Fame credentials with Robinson, Fisk, Herzog or anyone else involved. I’m sure the brilliant Hirdt could have backed his opinions with WAR, WHIP or any other statistical measure known to man, but he spoke of traditional numbers and criteria of considerable weight: character, temperament, clutch performance and other intangibles, such as how it felt to witness the greats, and how they were viewed by other icons of the game.

Now, because I take tremendous pleasure in snark and sarcasm and all other forms of mockery, I present (with an assist to from HBT commenters where this idea originated), my Top 13 ways to improve HOF voting, ACCORDING TO THE VETERANS COMMITTEE.

We need to punt WAR and replace with new columns of numeric values for the following criteria:

  1. Grit
  2. Clutch (facts be damned; does he make you THINK clutch?)
  3. Fear-inducing (Were you scared to ask him a question?)
  4. One big F’n moment (Bonus credit: Did it involve a bloody sock?)
  5. Press-friendly (Yes, +1; no -10; Kirby Puckett +bajillion; Barry Bonds: -eleventy Kelvin)
  6. Big Market (+1); Small Market (-1); St. Louis (+3)
  7. Mustache (+1), Handlebars, beard (+2)
  8. Extra grit
  9. Hustle, fake or otherwise
  10. Dirt on uniform
  11. The Will to Win (TWTW)
  12. Pitching To Contact
  13. Gold Gloves

Friends, I encourage, nay DEMAND, that you add your ideas to this list, ending the blight that is WAR, or FIP or VORP or NERD or GEEK or whatever the kids are calling it these days. Get back to your favorite counting or non-counting stats and toss your heat maps and spray charts into the rubbish.