Cano's net deal with M's worth $42M more than Yanks' bid

First, let's make it official:  We are thrilled, honored and proud to announce that Robinson Cano has been unanamously elected into the IIATMS Hall Of Fame. As if there were any doubts, not one voter polled thought that Cano's decision was for any reason other than the money, which, by the way, we do not begrudge him. He had every right to grab every last nickel that was thrown at him, legacy and reputational damage be damned. For that, we wish Robbie well in the gorgeous Pacific North West (or so I keep hearing; never been there before. Can I make a rain joke? No? Oh well then.) cano in seattleKidding aside, the Yanks have made a glorious history of luring players from other teams for ridiculous sums of money. Let's not get all hysterical and completely and painfully ironic about complaining when one of ours does exactly the same thing. What, you thought Brian McCann and Jacoby Ellsbury were taking less to don the 'stripes? No. Hired guns, no moreso than Cano.

That being said, Scott Soshnick of spoke with some certified public beancounters and they determined that Cano's deal ($240M/10 yrs) will be worth an extra $42M due to favorable income tax rates. Washington has no state income tax; New Jersey, where Cano lives lived has an income tax rate at 8.97%. To wit:

The Yankees would have had to pay Cano about $265 million for him to keep the same amount that he will with Seattle...

Cano’s net pay over the life of his Seattle contract is about $128 million... His net pay over the life of the Yankees offer, he said, would have been about $86 million.

So yeah, it was completely about the money. Unless is was really because Girardi batted him second a few times. Could TOTALLY be that.


Selected sources used to evaluate Cano's IIATMS HOF candidacy: