Happy 45th Birthday, Mike Mussina!

I'd like to wish Mike Mussina a very happy 45th birthday. Moose, who is on his first Hall Of Fame ballot this year, was one of my favorite Yankees. Not only did I enjoy watching him throw his knuckle curve but I always looked forward to his postgame interviews. He was dry, hilarious and just the best. Here is one of my favorite Moose moments of all-time. It was May 31, 2006 and he was 26 outs into a complete game when Joe Torre began to climb the dugout stairs in Detroit. Moose was struggling to get the last out but as soon as he saw Torre making his move, he yelled out, "NO! STAY THERE!" Torre retreated with his hands up, then pitching coach Ron Guidry and the rest of the coaches laughed and then Moose closed out the game with a strikeout, securing the win and the complete game.


And here's an example of how awesome he was in his postgame interviews:


Happy Birthday, Moose!