Report: Cano is on the way to Seattle and an offer may be on the table UPDATED

According to Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes, Robinson Cano is heading to Seattle to meet with the Mariners. He took a private plane from New York to the Pacific Northwest after the Mariners let him know that they'd be willing to give him a 10 year contract in the neighborhood of $230-240M. It appears that this isn't a formal offer but it's the first time a team other than the Yankees has come out with some sort of dollar amount for Cano to consider. The Yankees were offering seven years/$165M and weren't looking to go over $200M. If the amount from the Mariners is real, the Yankees will have to come up a lot in order to retain Cano.

In the translated article, this blurb came up and it amused me: "While New York is the winningest team in baseball history, Seattle does not advance to the postseason since 2001 and has never played in the World Series in its 37 year history."

So does Cano go with the familiar team and the tradition or does he go to Seattle with the chance of being a part of a history making team for a franchise that hasn't seen the postseason since Cano signed as an amateur free agent?

Things just got a bit more interesting.

UPDATE 6:14 P.M.