State Of The Budget: 12/3/13

Well, there goes the budget. The Yankees just went nuts and paid $169 million for Ellsbury, as well as grabbing McCann for $85 million. The Winter Meetings haven't even arrived yet! So on one hand, the budget is still doable, it's tough but doable. On the other, maybe this was a bluff the whole time. Like 2008, the team looks ready so spend, and the free agent market is full of quality players. Maybe they figured that this was the offseason to spend big, and the $189 million claims were their way of gaining an upper-hand on unsuspecting teams.

Here's what we're working with so far.

1- C: Brian McCann (5/$85MM) $17.000MM 2- 1B: Mark Teixeira (8/$180MM) $22.500MM 3- 2B: Dean Anna (Min) $0.511MM 4- 3B: Kelly Johnson (1/$3MM) $3MM 5- SS: Derek Jeter (1/$12.81MM) $12.810MM + $7.000MM Bonuses 6- LF: Jacoby Ellsbury (8/$169MM) $21.175MM 7- CF: Brett Gardner (Arb 3) $4.000MM 8- RF: Alfonso Soriano (8/$136MM) $17.000MM 9- DH: Vernon Wells (7/$126MM) $18.000MM 10- BN: Brendan Ryan (1/$2MM) $2.000MM 11- BN: Eduardo Nunez (Min) $0.511MM 12- BN: Ichiro Suzuki (2/$13MM) $6.500MM 13- BN: Francisco Cervelli (Arb 1) $1.000MM 14- SP1: CC Sabathia (5/$122MM) $24.400MM 15- SP2: Ivan Nova (Arb 1) $2.800MM 16- SP3: David Phelps (Min) $0.511MM 17- SP4: Adam Warren (Min) $0.511MM 18- SP5: Michael Pineda (Min) $0.511MM 19- CL: David Robertson (Arb 3) $5.500MM 20- RP: Shawn Kelley (Arb 2) $1.500MM 21- RP: Preston Claiborne (Min) $0.511MM 22- RP: Dellin Betances (Min) $0.511MM 23- RP: 24- RP: Vidal Nuno (Min) $0.511MM 25- RP: Cesar Cabral (Min) $0.511MM

Total: $170.384MM

40-Man Roster

26- SP: Manny Banuelos (Min) $0.040MM 27- SP: Nik Turley (Min) $0.040MM 28- SP: Brett Marshall (Min+) $0.080MM 29- SP: Jose Ramirez (Min) $0.040MM 30- SP: Shane Greene (Min) $0.040MM 31- SP Jose Campos (Min) $0.040MM 32- RP: 33- RP: David Huff (Min+) $0.080MM 34- RP: Bryan Mitchell (Min) $0.040MM 35- C: Austin Romine (Min+) $0.080MM 36- C: Gary Sanchez (Min) $0.040MM 37- C: J.R. Murphy (Min) $0.080MM 38- OF: Ramon Flores (Min) $0.040MM 39- OF: Zoilo Almonte (Min+) $0.080MM 40- OF: Slade Heathcott* (Min) $0.040MM

Total: $0.84MM

Final Calculations Total Roster Owed: $170.464MM Cash Considerations: -$13MM (From Cubs for Soriano), -$18MM (From Angels for Wells) Player Benefits: $12MM Cushion For Non 25-Man Players: $3.5MM

Current Budget Owed: $154.964MM

Current Budget Remaining: $34.036MM

So the Yankees still have $37 million left to figure out second base, third base, and the rest of their pitching staff. This obviously doesn't include Rodriguez. I don't think $189 million is happening.

UPDATE (12/4/13): Looks like the Yankees will agree to a $3 million deal with Kelly Johnson. I've added those figures as well. Just $34 million left. Also, if there's any confusion over the calculations, please refer to the original budget post, which has the details for the 15 40-man roster players, the cash considerations, and minimum salaries.


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