Report: Mariners A Major Player For Cano

According to Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York, the Mariners are now considered a major player for Robinson Cano. Sources says that the Yankees are now less than 50-50 to re-sign the second baseman, due to their strong stance against an 8th year or going over $200 million. The Mariners are said to be desperate for offense, and supposedly willing to pay Cano well over the $200 million restriction the Yankees have set. One of Wallace's unnamed sources said about the Yankees, "It doesn't look too good right now."

I would take this with a grain of salt. A lot was made in this article about the Yankees' spending restrictions, almost as if someone was unhappy about the team's frugality. Unnamed sources aren't going to force a team to start increasing their offers by $50 million. When asked about Cano, Zduriencik wouldn't confirm or deny any connection to Cano. The Mariners' GM has a good relationship with Cashman, and if this was indeed a bluff, the Yankees could probably catch on quickly.