Quick Hits: Nathan, Hanigan, Wilson, A's And Rangers Trade, Gordon, Beltran Offer

Next week is the Winter Meetings, but I think the GM's forgot that. So much happened yesterday, and today has picked up in the same way. The Tigers have agreed to sign Joe Nathan to a 2 year deal. The Yankees were said to be interested in the closer, and now they're believed to be interested in Grant Balfour. I don't see that at all, considering Balfour's character issues.

Speaking of closers, the Dodgers are nearing a 1 year deal with Brian Wilson. The Yankees were interested in Wilson, until he refused to shave his beard. He's gotta keep that brand intact.

The Rays will acquire Ryan Hanigan from the Reds, in what is thought to be a three-way deal. There's no word yet on the third team or what will be heading to the Reds. The Rays are notorious for not trading within the division, so I doubt the Yankees are involved.

The Athletics and Rangers are swapping Craig Gentry and Michael Choice/Josh Lindblom. There are some other prospects involved in the deal, but nothing is clear yet.

The Yankees have agreed to a minor league deal with Brian Gordon, who pitched with the organization in 2011.

Finally, Carlos Beltran has a 3 year $48 million deal on the table. Beltran is said to be the Yankees' top outfield target, but that's some offer he has. The Mariners are acting very aggressive at the moment, and the Royals could also be involved. Assuming that deal isn't from the Yankees, there's a good chance the team will have to start looking elsewhere.