Clark: A-Rod decision could come on or shortly after January 1

Tony Clark, who will be replacing the late Michael Weiner as the executive director of MLBPA, said that the decision in Alex Rodriguez's arbitration hearing could come on or shortly after January 1. A-Rod's arbitration hearing ended November 21 after what seemed like months of mudslinging from both sides. The Yankees are waiting on the decision to see what kind of moves they can make this offseason. The amount of money they're able to spend hinges upon how long Rodriguez could be out. The Yankees would prefer for him to be out all of 2014.

Clark, who was named executive director of the MLBPA today, was expected to be Weiner's successor. Clark played with the Yankees in the year we don't like to speak of and spent 15 years in the Majors. He batted .262/.339/.485/.824. Along with a stint on the Yankees, Clark played for the Tigers, Red Sox, Mets, Diamondbacks and Padres.